Yacht Charter Destinations Yacht Charter Destinations

Yacht charter destinations through Mediterranean shorelines extend by three different continents and 20 different countries. The Mediterranean coastlines offer thousands of potential yacht charter destinations for those interested in luxury yacht charter.

Either luxury Turkish gulet charter or sailing yacht charters your average sailing speed, depending on winds and weather conditions, is most likely to be between 10 to 12 knots assuming 4 hours of motoring daily and you are looking at covering a distance of around 60 miles over a day-long cruise.

On the other hand, you choose a private motoryacht charter then your average cruising speed is likely to be far more impressive as much as 15 to 25 knots or up to 35 knots per hour, allowing you to easily cover distances of over 100 miles in a day and 700 miles in a week. If your time is limited, it is clear that you can only cover a relatively small part of the Mediterranean luxury yacht charter destinations during your weekly cruise.

The most popular yacht charter destinations in Turkey and Eastern Mediterranean include Greece and the Greek islands, Croatia and thousand islands, eastern Mediterranean and Cote d’Azur The French Riviera, the Balearic Islands, the Italian Riviera, Portofino, and the Amalfi Coast for the western Mediterranean are particular favorites amongst yachting holiday community while the picturesque islands of Ischia, Capri, and Elba are elite yacht charter destinations.

The famous routes in the Mediterranean such as Greece and the Greek Islands besides Turkey. The main attraction in this region is known as the Blue Cruise with Turkish gulets which are spacious and very comfortable compared to traditional sailing yacht charter destinations.

Fabulous Yacht Charter Destinations

Charter Destinations there are hundreds of fabulous yacht charter destinations to choose from worldwide. Most popular destinations are available in tropical and sub-tropical climates such as the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. The weather winds and natural beauty of these waters, their islands, and the countries are geological and cultural treasures. The close proximity to major population centers makes them that much more appealing.

More countries, more history, more variety, and more facilities than any other yacht charter region. Turkish riviera with numerous locations and famous luxury gulets, the greek islands in the Aegean, thousand islands of Croatia and Through French Riviera such as St. Tropez and Cannes are famous. High season from May to October, certainly July and August requiring the most advance planning and chartering in advance.