Gulet For Sale

We promote the gulet for sale portfolio honestly, listing the gulets manufactured in Turkey some new and the rest are second hand, and the gulet for sale portfolio with prominent companies that we have brokerage agreement in countries such as Italy, France, Spain, Israel and Dubai. where buyers of these countries have hand on experience with gulets for sale during their weekly holidays and they continue to investigate second hand gulet prices and buy a second hand gulet for sale, we help transfer the gulets by providing experienced personnel to transfer the gulets to their destination.

Gulet for Sale

we would like to start with the sea lovers who want to have a wooden yacht primarily. We have been serving the yacht industry for a very long time and we have been yacht owner for many years working  with gulet for sale. We care about seamen and would like to earn their trust as colleagues … to those who would like to build or buy a wooden gulets for sale , we are in construction business,  however many yachts are being sold through intermediaries and experts in buying and selling. we do not mind sharing our knowledge and experience.

If considering a wooden gulet for sale, the age and type of wood which is used for gulet building is very important, it is also important that you see the engine, her age and when was the last overhauling or maintanence was carried out . an expert eye who can check the electrical installation, and determine how important is to have an adequate knowledge and the most important is the electrical installation.
about the rigs and sails, gulets are sailing yachts, but many gulet for sale use their masts for decoration re-rigging the gulet is costly. please do not hesitate to call us to get an idea of ​​the size you decide to buy You will never have to pay for this information. gulets for sale